Monday, May 03, 2010

The Sunday Telegraph discovers Cognac....

There was a good article in the Telegraph on Sunday which you can read here.

The journalist, Adrian Woodford, obviously had a good time when he came here and our wonderful region of SW France made a lasting impression on him.   I really liked this bit:

Farther down rue d'Angoulême, Cognac pulls off the neat trick of becoming emptier as it becomes more beautiful. There is a fabulous half-timbered building guarding one end, sending several smaller streets splintering and scuttling down to the river. Whichever way you chose from here, the streets are lovely, a jumble of lanes that has barely changed since the 17th century.

He's right you know...the streets of Cognac are indeed lovely.  When you live here you tend to take things for granted and it was most refreshing to read about "my" town through someone elses eyes.

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Andy said...

Great article Graham, thanks for sharing it. The Heritage Hotel has some wonderful original features inside and the food was excellent when we stayed there. The little walled garden is normally busy serving food in the summer and it is well worth the effort to secure a table.