Monday, May 03, 2010

Some French property blogs to follow:

I know that my life seems to revolve around the charente valley but France is such a great country that sometimes it does no harm to broaden our horizons.

With this in mind I would heartily recommend you dip into (and maybe even follow) these other excellent blogs about life and property over here.

First up we have the newly created "A word from Calvados" coming to us from the area in and around Bayeux on the north coast. Welcome to cyberspace Janine, I hope you enjoy the ride and I look forward to seeing the blog evolve.

Then we travel a wee bit south to take in the Loire and Alison Morton's entertaining & varied blog from Thouet.  Topic....just about everything..... from M&S in France to local house prices.

Keep going down, almost to the Spanish border, and you'll discover Perpignan Post - here you'll be able to compare a day in the life of Caroline Hill as a property finder to some of my entries in a similar vein (hopefully you'll also see that we share a passion for client service).

Finally you should head due east along the riviera to Cote Abode where you'll find some delicious posts from the exciting and exotic life of Rebecca Russell.

Hope you enjoy them.......don't desert me though!

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