Friday, November 20, 2009

The use of social media in the commercial property industry

Forgive me this indulgence.  My life post 2003 is purely geared towards the residential property market.

However, for 20 years before this it was a mixture of both commercial & residential property and I still like to keep in touch with what's going on.

The RICS have just issued this white paper on the use of social media and it makes fascinating reading.  I met one of the authors (Bob Thompson) a couple of times while I was at Chesterton and he's always worth listening to.  He also references a professional services marketeer called Kim Tasso who is also seen as one of the most passionate and brightest lights in the industry.

You can download the report here and it's a good read whether you're interested in offices, shops & sheds or not.

That's it....normal service will be resumed shortly and I'll be writing about the much smaller (but ultimately sunnier) world in and around Cognac again soon.

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Bob Toovey said...

Just had a quick skim through this report, makes a great backgrounder for estate agents and seems to do a good job explaining why you need to be 'social networking'. However, it also contains facts and figures that should be useful to anyone in business.

In this current economic climate, anything that can give you an edge in business should be examined closely. This report is no exception.