Monday, November 16, 2009

Cognac marathon man causes some snickers

Running twenty six miles has never appealed to me but we do always turn out as a family to support those hardy souls who run the annual Cognac marathon.

This year was no different and Saturday saw us lined up by the finish line at the quay in Jarnac applauding all kinds of folk.  The biggest cheer (and the odd wolf-whistle) was for a burly charentaise farmer kitted out in a bunny girls outfit with just a small white fluffy tail covering his fish-netted derriere.

The second biggest was for a local runner, and good friend of mine, Jean-Francois Blaineau who came in third behind a couple of seriously good runners from Paris & Spain. 

Watching him sprint for the finish and give an effortless radio interview afterwards it was easy to forget the hard work he puts in.  I see him out on the road, at all times of year, always alone (no-one else could keep up) and always humble about his achievements. Go into his home though and you'll see his trophy cabinet absolutely full to the brim of cups and shields that he's won.

As well as "playboy man" there were plenty of others in fancy dress, running for charity, and some elder citizens that made me feel ashamed to be watching rather than participating.

Maybe next year eh....

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