Monday, November 16, 2009

French property blog gets worldwide exposure

Just taken a quick peek at the google analytics pages for this blog. 

I update it most days and it's easy to think that all I'm doing is talking to myself.

However, a couple of things lately have made me realise that this isn't the case.  A short while ago I did a piece on the current state of the market and (gospel truth) within a couple of minutes the phone rang and it was Trevor Leggett of Leggett Immobilier to say how much he liked it & could we work together.

Then, last week I was with some new clients and out of the blue they said how much they enjoyed reading the blog each morning before they got down to real work.

Hence my desire to know how widespread the readership is.  A little drop of Cognac hasn't quite got the circulation of The Sun but it certainly does have a hardcore of fans....primarily in the UK, France and USA. 

Then there are readers in a further 57 countries around the world including regulars in South Africa, Russia, India and Scandinavia.

If you take a step back it's quite extraordinary to see how far things have come with the internet.

Journalists face some enormous challenges from the millions of unskilled amateurs like myself. People who haven't been taught how to check facts, compose sentences, paint pictures and weave must be hugely frustrating for anyone who did actually make it through journalist college.

I'm not complaining mind and if you happen to be reading this over a cup of coffee in Vietnam, Iran, Mexico or Argentina please do feel free to let me know what you think.


Steve said...

How many hits a day are you getting on average?


graham downie said...

It varies but I get about 1,000 unique visitors a month and it's increasing week by week. Time spent on the site is also encouraging.

I know that it's chicken feed compared to many blogs but I do like the fact that it's getting more popular.

The "French x factor" post caused a spike in readership too...., maybe I should do less on boring old property issues and put some page 3 girls up!

Andrew Mackenzie said...

Hi Graham,

Never quite made that move that we talked about a couple of years ago but as you can see I am following your experience avidly on your blog.



graham downie said...

Hi Andrew, great to hear from you. Shame you didn't quite make it but probably good news in terms of timing.

Feel free to come and see it for real over a long w/e sometime!

All the best....