Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Buy the house or the dog gets it

Had to chuckle yesterday.

I was showing a house, barns and 10 hectares of mixed woodland & farmland to a client who had flown over specially.  It's a smashing place and the owner is a lovely Ukrainian lady who had offered the agent and I hot coffee and lashings of home-made apple pie when we first visited it on a wet & windswept day.

She had also introduced us to her beautiful Alsation called Diane. 

Seemingly Diane had lived in the house all her life and was her husbands dog until he died - she used to follow him all through the woods and fields and never left his side.

The lady now wants to move into a much smaller town-house as she hasn't the energy or inclination to look after the property. It's a special place but it really does need and deserve the sounds and sights of a family running round it.

At the end of the viewing the agent asked my client what he thought and we were just chatting generally about the pro's and con's of the property. 

In a classic case of sitcom magic the agent got a little over excited and blurted out "Of course the lady can't take Diane with her and she'll be sold with the property....that means that if you don't buy the house the dog will have to be put down".

I'm (almost) sure he said it as a joke.


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Tottie Limejuice said...

Once bought a Welsh smallholding and didn't realise the utterly insane sheepdog came with it. Seems it's traditional in that area to move and leave the dogs behind, friends had the same thing.