Thursday, November 12, 2009

Gordon Brown hits Murdoch for six

Total coincidence of course but at the end of his worst week in British politics (thanks to a witch hunt by the Rupert Murdoch owned Sun newspaper) the prime minister has exacted his revenge on the Aussie media magnate.

A government review has said that the ashes need to be shown on "free to air" tv - at the moment the exclusive rights are with pay to view Sky tv.

This fast ball will hit Murdoch where it hurts (his pocket) but is good news for the man in the street who thinks that cherished sporting events like this should be open to all.

Of course nobody over here understands or cares about cricket....I have tried and failed to give even a basic understanding of the rules at many a dinner party.

Maybe I should invite the locals round if the ashes do come home to the BBC.  Having regularly sat through endless hours of local charentaise politics it would be nice to get my own back by making them sit through an afternoon of forward defensive prods as England battle to hang on for a draw.

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