Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Sadly it wasn't me!

Local resident wins 50 million euros

The lucky winner came up with the numbers 13, 17, 19, 25, 35, to share the €100m lottery price with an Austrian.

Someone somewhere in the Charente doesn’t have to worry about this or any other financial crisis again. A resident of the department last week won the Euro Millions lottery played in nine European countries. And although the local inhabitant had to share the €100m prize with an Austrian, that still leaves them a healthy €50million to spend as they want.

So far little or no information has come out about the winner, though there have been plenty of rumours. The lucky man or woman was first said to come from Confolens, then it was Montbron, followed by Aubeterre. The latest rumour is that the winner lives in Genac. In any case the winner - who has now come forward to collect their prize - has the right to remain anonymous, and will be protected in this by organisers Française des jeux (FDJ).
Now wouldn't it be nice if some/all of this was donated to a needy cause (see below)....

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