Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Poitou Charentes playlist

Was out working this morning - driving through the vines, in the Charentaise sunshine, with the windows down and the music turned up maybe a notch too loud.

It made me grateful to be alive and so, so glad that we took that leap of faith ten years ago and made the move to France.

The two albums I was listening to are en vogue in our household as it's two artists we have seen perform live recently.

The first - Passenger - we saw in Paris at Le Trianon and he was superb. Here's a little taster of my favourite song taken from a time before he hit the charts.

The second album was that of a busker we saw in Covent garden recently called Sammy Jay. She hasn't quite hit the big time yet but perhaps one day she will (don't forget that my youngest spotted Ed Sheeran way before he became famous and has a knack for these things).  Here she is singing Price Tag.

Perhaps you won't like these young artists as much as me or maybe they're like the local "vin de pays" which needs to be drunk on a summers evening on the vineyard where the grapes were grown....but then again perhaps you will - and you'll understand why I was driving along with a huge smile on my face this morning :-)

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Andy said...

Nice post Graham and some excellent talent on show. I was particularly taken with Passenger. A big smile in the vines? You mean bigger than normal don't you?