Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Poitou Charentes - flavour of the month with international buyers

More on the 5th annual "Investing & Living Abroad" survey by BNP Paribas International Buyers.

It was interesting (but not all surprising) to see that every single region in France saw the number of international property buyers decrease in 2012.

Except one.

Poitou Charentes.

Yup, sleepy old Poitou Charentes, with it's low property prices, glorious beaches, rolling hills covered in sunclad vineyards and friendly, old fashioned, locals.

Here in paradise we actually saw a 4% increase in the number of sales to international buyers who spent an average of €145,000.

78% of these buyers were from the UK, 13% from Belgium, 5% from Holland and 4% from Germany.

Who knows what the reason is?  Perhaps it's the micro climate that makes it the second sunniest area of France (well not all of the region but certainly the arc between La Rochelle and Angouleme), or maybe it's the attraction of Cognac itself which has seen sales of the amber nectar boom over the last few years.

Whatever - they say that in troubled times it's the prime areas that fare best and I'd say that this is certainly true in this case.  All those smart buyers are probably sat by the pool in their old, Charentaise, stone houses, with views over the vineyards, as I write this.

If they used me to help them buy it then they'll probably also be feeling quite smug about the price they paid :-)

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