Friday, July 26, 2013

Cycling in the Charente

OK, I know that we don't have the dramatic scenery to match the Alps & Pyrenees.  Come to the Charente and you won't be faced with the horrors & challenges of Alpe d'Huez, Mont Ventoux or the Col du Tourmalet.

However, I genuinely think that cyclists of all standards will be thrilled if they bring their bikes & obligatory lycra to the sunny Charente.

For once I remembered to take my camera out with me yesterday in the early evening and took a couple of snaps to show what I mean.

This first one is of the bridge at Juac.  It is one of many that criss-cross the river between Jarnac and Chateauneuf.  Although we went "off piste" yesterday, our regular lunchtime route is a 30km circuit that starts in St Meme and goes through Saintonge, Graves, Vibrac, St Simon, Juac, Bassac, Jarnac, Gondeville and back home.

My second pic was taken when we deviated from this route and climbed the short hill to Moulidars.

This small lane actually runs in front of a house that I bought for a client a few years ago, it's an idyllic spot.  There's an equally nice view the other side of the hill that yesterday was looking down over dazzling sunflowers & the ubiquitous vines.

The juxtaposition of the two with the greens & yellows sparkling in the evening sun was truly spectacular but sadly I was hurtling downhill at the time and didn't have the legs to cycle back up to capture the moment.

You'll just have to take my word for it!

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