Wednesday, May 25, 2011

House prices in Poitou Charentes

I was writing an article for the excellent French magazine (available in all good newsagents) yesterday and spent some time trawling through the house price indices published by the Notaires de France.

It struck me that average house prices fluctuate greatly throughout the region and here's some examples that I thought you may find interesting, drilling down from the region to the area around Cognac itself:

Poitou Charentes - €158,700

Charente - €124,300
Charente Maritime - €197,100
Deux Sevres - €109,800
Vienne - €140,600

Angouleme sector - €125,900
Cognac sector - €124,300
Confolens sector - €113,100

If you have ten minutes to spare and want to interrogate the figures further then go to

Have fun.....


Jos Deuling said...


I have visualized the data of in 2 infographics. These Heat Maps can be viewed at :

Jos Deuling

Alison Morton said...

Glad to see the Deux-Sèvres still holds the palm as the best value for money ;-)

graham downie said...

Hmm, lowest price doesn't often equate to best value Alison.

The real trick in finding vfm is to choose the worst house in the best location you can afford and to do it up.

In the Charente I'd always argue for following the river and finding houses in Bourg Charente, Jarnac, Cognac, St Brice, Bassac and other riverside towns.

Location, location, I was taught 20 years before it became a TV show!