Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tour de France 2011 - they've nicked our route

Regular readers will know that next year will see me celebrate (if that's the right word) my 50th birthday by tackling a ridiculously difficult cycle ride from Lourdes, over the infamous Col du Tourmalet and back to my home in Cognac.

I'm not alone in this rather bonkers venture and my prospective companions range from a veteran of many Tour de France stages to one of my best friends who doesn't yet own a bike.

So blow me down with a feather when earlier today the organisers of the tour announced the route for 2011.

Stage 12 sees Alberto Contador and friends tackle the Tourmalet and then Stage 13 sees them swoop down from Pau to, you guessed it, Lourdes.

Talk about stealing our thunder.

Seriously though it has made me realise that if I'm to make this epic journey of over 500 km's then I must (for the first time in my life) break out into a sweat and practice for it.

So, dear reader, come rain, hail or snow I'd like your support this coming winter. Even if it's just the odd email or comment asking me how the training is coming along.

The real Tour may well take the limelight and centre stage but the supporting act of Lourdes to Cognac will be a significant milestone for those taking part.


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Chris said...

Good luck Graham, that is serious cycling. Col du Tourmalet is a serious mountain. Always loved the Alp d'Huez stages where the invaribly have to finish the stage at the summit, that way there is no catching up on the way down! Used to do a bit of cycling myself for fun, but I'm talking 40 miles max, nothing more than that!