Monday, October 18, 2010

Buying agents currently going the extra mile (or kilometre)...

I had a wry grin when I read this article on The Move Channel.

County Homesearch has a network of buying agents across the UK and they say that with the current market they are having to look a lot harder to find houses that fit their clients brief.

County Homesearch has reported a 100% annual increase in the number of properties visited by its agents before finding the right home for their clients, with some visiting up to three times as many properties now compared to a year ago.

This certainly reflects the changes in my own business over the last 18 months. I have just finished a search that took me from the northern Charente to southerly Charente Maritime.

There's 100 km's between them which I guess highlights one of the major differences between agents in the densely populated UK and those of us in rural France. My clients were very specific on the type of house & gardens that they wanted, as well as the kind of countryside they were looking for. However, when it came to exact location they were less fussed.

If you don't live and work over here you would have no chance of properly scouring the market over this kind of area.

Fortunately I'm aware that my clients have financing in place and are keen to move as soon as I have found the right house for them.

Don't feel too sorry for me though.....I have attached two pics showing the views at a couple of the stunning properties I have been lucky enough to visit.

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Chris said...

Really love the pics. Must be lovely going round and buying great houses for people!