Thursday, October 21, 2010

Looking for a property in Provence?

Just spent a most enjoyable lunch topped off with fresh strawberries from the garden which are still going strong.

It was doubly enjoyable as I was reading this excellent article from one of my colleagues in the FrenchEntrée Property Finders network.

Neil Ranadé hits the nail on the head when he says:

But, in a society that is, by and large, cash rich and time poor, it is interesting to know at what point using a property finder makes economic sense. After all a good property finder should be able to find you exactly the home you want and be able to save you enough money to cover their fees and a celebratory drink in the nearest bar once the deal is done.

Reading the full article it's clear that it's not just in the UK that the buyer is seeking professional representation in this most important of transactions. If you are an international purchaser buying in France then, as Neil says, it's a "no brainer".

So, if you're looking to find something special in Provence and want professional representation I heartily recommend you visit Neil's website here.

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Northern Ireland Property said...

Always good to support people in the same line of work as yourself. It is always beneficial to work with people rather than against them.