Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Guest blogger - Jocelyn Le Trionnaire of Rightmove Overseas

"I'm from Brittany, and I live and work in Milton Keynes, 45 min from London. So writing about the property market in the Cognac area probably doesn't make much sense at first. Unless like me you enjoy (responsibly) a glass of Cognac XO once in a while, or maybe look after the French market for the property portal

I’ve been in this position 2 and a half years so I saw the effect of the recession with its properties not selling, agencies shutting down, and unfortunately some people losing their jobs. There was a lot said on it, and there is probably a lot more to say but right now I am just enjoying the fact that things are clearly improving on every front, which I can see on a day by day basis.

I hear my French agents looking for more properties, asking for more advertising, private vendors being more confident and putting their property for sale on Rightmove themselves, generally the market is bubbling since January 2010 and this is very positive.

Graham Downie pointed out the fact that the market right now is a little strange because prices are up and down across the board, which I agree with. When buyers come back there is always a period of time in which prices are uncertain before the market finds its balance. I am an optimistic person you see, and for me buying any property is always an investment (“la Pierre” as we say in French). It has ups and downs, but in the long term you always win.

So whether you buy in Normandy, Brittany, the Riviera or the Poitou-Charentes, which are all in my top 10 most searched areas (full reports here), you can’t go wrong.

I’ve studied in La Rochelle and visited the Cognac area myself, and this is a place where I would settle down, and look for a property to buy in a few years, but for now I’ll just go through the listings and dream of a better life. Maybe one of these, currently available on our website"?

Jocelyn Le Trionnaire
Rightmove Overseas

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