Monday, March 08, 2010

Sausages, beans and a four bed family home....

Much ado about Tesco entering the property sales arena (again).  Even the Daily Mail is entering the discussion (read the full article here):

Only around 2 per cent of homeowners sell their properties online, with 27 per cent of sellers who have used traditional estate agents saying they would consider it as an alternative.

Tesco last dipped their toes into estate agency in 2007 but it never took off.  Clearly though they think that it's still a good fit into their business model and this time they are taking a more pragmatic approach by teaming up with respected estate agent Spicer-Haart and trialling the service in the south west.

I genuinely have no idea whether this service will take off but, again, it shows how the whole property buying process is changing.

Tesco and Google would certainly not lay claim to any particular property expertise but both would argue that they will offer buyers additional choice in how they undertake property search. 

Tesco bring a captive audience, a trusted brand, huge spending power and a myriad of cross selling opportunities.

Google bring....well pretty much everything when it comes to starting your property search.

I, and many others, will be watching the launch of with great interest.

Sarah Beeny, Larry Page and Terry Leahy may sound like strange bed-fellows but what a combination they could be!

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Steve said...

Just think of the club card points when you buy one of their houses...

Or will they be doing Buy one get one free?