Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Cognac Blues Festival

This year the Blues Passion festival is 21-26th July, headline acts are BB King and Duffy.
If you've never been in Cognac during blues week I'd heartily recommend it. The sun usually shines, the squares, parks and bars are packed with live bands (usually free) and the whole atmosphere is friendly, welcoming and how a festival should be.

I'd love to see Duffy (I know it would have been cooler to say BB King but hey ho) but at €50 a head it's not cheap. Still, what price excellence.

Last year we went to see The Commitments play on the small island opposite the Courvoisier chateau in Jarnac and it was simply spectacular from the setting to the ambiance to the music itself.

Anyone else fancy a trip to Warwick Avenue?

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