Tuesday, May 12, 2009

£83,000 per week

That's how much Ledley King is reported to earn. Seemingly most of the officers in his local nick now know that too.

For those who don't know he's the captain of my football team - many's the time I have stood on the terraces and chanted his name.

He's a great player, and I don't use that term loosely.

Sadly he's been caught out in a nightclub yet again. Totally hammered and alledgedly giving racial abuse to the bouncer. It was so bad he was arrested and is now awaiting charges. His defence of "Do you know who I am & how much I earn" won't get him very far.

Now, I don't want to appear pious or hypocritical and I apologise if I am. I've certainly done things I shouldn't and there have been times when I've had way, way to much to drink....particularly in my youth. I've never been arrested though and as captain of Tottenham Hotspur FC Ledley has a responsibility to be an ambassador for the club.

He's blessed with a talent that makes him a role model and he gets paid handsomely for it. Surely his agent, manager, friends and family can get it into his thick skull that constantly being pictured by the tabloids drunk in nightclubs is a bad idea.

Ledders - on the pitch I'll cheer you as long as you wear the shirt. Off the pitch though you're a disgrace.

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