Friday, May 22, 2009

Bleak headlines.....but charente houses prove popular

More economic doom mongering has been hidden away by a swathe of corrupt and immoral politicians. Question Time was spikey last night.

The fact that the UK has so many "leaders" who clearly lack integrity is mind blowing and I feel sorry for those who have done no wrong and who are currently tarred with the same brush.

I read this morning that the EIU say that the "brutal slump" shows no sign of abating with the housing market set to slow further.

On a micro level though I have seen a sharp increase in enquiries for property in the Charente and am now searching for four different clients. This is just about capacity for me as I couldn't do a thorough search of the market if I took any more on.

I realise that, given I'm such a small business, statistics like this are meaningless but it does give me cause for optimism (not that I ever need an excuse).

MP's may live in cloud cuckoo land and Rupert Murdoch may still be raking it in by churning out bad news but it looks as though the man in the street has had enough of putting his life on hold.

Here in France the sunshine beckons, the cherries are out and I even had a handful of strawberries from my plot last night. There are some bargain houses to be had and it looks as though the market is returning.

Bon appetit, don't let those buggers in Westminster give you indigestion.

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