Monday, April 06, 2009

No surprise there then....

So, this morning I read that Halifax are reporting a fall in UK house prices by 1.9% last month. Contradicting Nationwide who say that they actually rose by 0.9%.

We Brits are fixated on values. The major agents, banks and interested parties all employ bucket loads of analysts and researchers to publish glossy forecasts of future growth/retraction....all of which differ wildly.

Let's face it if our two biggest Building Societies can't agree on what's just happened then what chance do they have of letting us know what's around the corner?

I'd put money on my mother-in-law beating the lot of them. She know's nothing about economics, doesn't have an MBA but did manage to put £1 each way on "Mon Mome", 100/1 winner of Saturdays Grand National.

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