Friday, April 17, 2009

How not to earn a living....

1. Live in a sunny country.

2. Discover a brilliant "new" author.

3. Have the willpower of a gnat.

Just as the property market shows signs of picking up and I have two client briefs to fulfill I go and discover Mark Gimenez (

I'm two books down with two to go and as hooked as the (heroine) heroin addict in The Colour of Money.

I'm off to start the third one now so may not be updating this blog for a while.

Oh - if anyone knows of either a 3 ha plot of building land in Grande Champagne or a house/barns/stables and 4 ha+ paddock for sale in Southern Charente do please let me know so that I can continue my reading without interruption.

ps - she's not really the heroine....I was just trying to be clever.

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