Sunday, April 01, 2012

Sarkozy offers 50% subsidy on all French property

In a controversial move to attract international investment into France President Sarkozy today announced a subsidy for all international buyers of French property.

Find your dream home in France and if, for example, the cost is €300,000 in the estate agents window then you will receive a €150,000 grant towards it from the French government.

The scheme runs from today, April 1st 2012, for exactly one year.

Spokeswoman, Mme Avril Poisson (pictured above with President Sarkozy), says:

"We are fed up seeing Boris Johnson (Mayor of London) boasting about the number of international buyers that are attracted to the UK.  We aim to redress the balance by offering this subsidy which will be granted in vouchers that can be redeemed in any E Leclerc, Auchan or IntermarchĂ©".

It will be interesting to see what effect this has on the French property market and whether Mme Poisson can indeed make a fool out of Mr Johnson.


Anonymous said...

Sounds very fishy to me!

Brittany Gems said...

April fool!! lol