Monday, March 26, 2012

France still number one when buying a place in the sun

Just read this story in The Independent.

It appears that France remains in the number one spot for holiday-home owners who wish to buy their dream home in the sun:

"Unsurprisingly, France is the most popular destination for UK buyers who relish being able to pop across the Channel while still being close to home. France hasn't seen the dramatic house price decline of neighbouring Spain and finance is still available up to 85 per cent loan to value".

Whilst hardly earth shattering news this survey from Caxton FX does give one a little faith that the French property market will continue to prosper. Particularly in prime areas such as Jarnac (pictured above).

Of course, dreaming of a holiday home and actually buying one are two completely different things.  UK buyers are still a pretty rare species over here and are likely to remain so until they get confidence in the whole European economy, less penal lending restrictions and more security in the job market.

The good news is that although rare they are certainly not exctinct.  I have some cash buyers out next week and will be showing them some houses that are excellent value for money, all of them under €300,000.

If you feel as though your job is secure and you have some spare cash then French property looks as good an investment as any other I can think of - and surveys like this one in The Independent can only give credence to that opinion.

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