Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Looking for property on the Ile de Ré?

If you love France but have never been to the Ile de Ré then you have missed a trick.  It's a pretty island linked by a bridge to La Rochelle and a favourite haunt of wealthy Parisiennes.  Many of our French friends also like to spend their summer holidays there...despite the fact that it's less than two hours away.

I had the pleasure of meeting Jacqueline & Brian Miller recently and they reminded me how much I like this area known as "the French Hamptons".  They have just joined the FrenchEntrée property finder network and know all the best spots on the island.

If you go to their excellent blog "Ma maison parfait" you can see this post which spills a few of the islands many secrets.  I particularly like this quote:

There are cycle routes throughout the island, miles of sandy beaches and pine forests for when you would prefer a shady place to enjoy a baguette, cheese and a bottle of the local wine. The island has strict planning regulations so the tallest buildings you will find here are lighthouses with the other buildings being mainly white-washed fishermen’s cottages with white, grey or green shutters.

If you'd like to know more about buying property in La Rochelle or on the Ile de Ré then you can contact Jacqueline and Brian here.

Just don't forget to invite me over to share the local wine and baguette in the sunshine....


Charente Gems said...

Hi Graham - yes I like the Ile de Ré too, but sometimes find it just a touch too 'posey' in high season, far better to visit before all the rich Parisians take their August month off ! ! ( so you've got three days ! ! ) Your readers might like to read one of my blog postings on a trip to St Martin recently - - its one of Vauban's world heritage fortifications - and the backstreets of St martin are a treat.

graham downie said...

Hi John - yup, fully agree that it's best visited out of season. There are usually so many sunny days in Spring & Autumn that there's no excuse!

Love your blog too....