Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Primelocation blog awards - move over Tiger

The results of the 2010 Primelocation blog awards have just been announced and what a winner they have chosen.

Propertynewshound is written by award winning journalist Graham Norwood and is in a different class to my occasional ramblings which scraped home last year.  As Graham said when he heard of his victory:

"Thank goodness that idiot in Cognac will have to keep his split infinitives to himself from now on....who cares about the French market anyway."

Actually he's probably only thinking that.  What he did say was:

“So much property writing, by industry professionals and journalists, concentrates on the most exclusive homes. They are fantastic but I wanted my blog to look at other issues, too, in a way which informed and entertained, and sometimes infuriated."

Seriously though, I'm genuinely delighted to have been shortlisted in three areas - best blog, best individual entry (for this) and users favourite as I'm aware that this year the competition was of an extremely high quality.

Any golfers among my readership will know of the tradition in the US Masters - last years winner hands over the green jacket to the newly crowned champion.

I'm the other side of La Manche from Graham and Primelocation don't present green jackets (although they do generously give Habitat vouchers) but I'm sure you get the picture.

My congratulations to a worthy winner and a hearty suggestion that you follow his blog in 2011.


Jason said...

Well done sir for making the final cut, like most Tottenham or French rugby supporters a case of passing on the silverware!Lets not be the next tiger! You have our vote next year……

Now let’s get back to the weather, winning ways and how to find that right property for that most worrying client type, two briefs but only one house needed – always a challenge I am sure.

Thank you again for your professional approach to a thankless task. But one that we hope has paid off…………. Just waiting for the sun now, as I know it never rains where you are!

graham downie said...

Haha - well written Jason, how do you fancy doing a guest entry? The house that's facing the wrong way is a story just itching to be told....