Wednesday, October 05, 2011

How's this for a tidy wood pile....

Just back from a lunchtime walk in the vines with the senior partner.  This month we celebrate eight years of living in the Charente and we were saying how happy we are that we made the move relatively early on in life.

In our previous incarnation she would spend her lunch break stalking the boutiques of Bond Street and Regent Street in search of a new pair of shoes.

Fortunately this is no longer an option (although she does rate Rue St Catherine in Bordeaux pretty highly) and she's perfectly happy strolling through the local vineyards with nary a shop in sight.

She was in seventh heaven today when we walked past this wood pile as she does like things to be particularly neat & tidy, in fact she was most insistent that I take a photo.

 It made me chuckle.....oh how our lives have changed since coming here.


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