Wednesday, January 19, 2011

French property - optimism kicking in

Morning all and apologies for a lack of posts recently.  I have been in the UK attending The France Show in Earls Court.

It's something I do every year as it's the biggest show of its kind and a good barometer for the market.  This year was the busiest I have seen it and there was a general air of optimism and positivity (if that's a word).  I have just been going through the leads we took with the team at FrenchEntrée and they have pretty much doubled in number from last year.

It's not just the number of enquiries that we took though. 

Whilst talking with visitors to our stand they seemed a lot cheerier than in the last two years and were no longer talking about putting off their French house purchases.  On the contrary most people seemed to think that 2011 was the year that they were actually going to turn their dreams into reality...they were fed up waiting and had now made the decision to buy.

This decision may well prove a wise one in hindsight with the FNAIM predicting both single figure house growth for 2011 and a big rise in the overall number of transactions.

On my way back on the Eurostar I read that Monday (17th Jan) was supposed to be the saddest and most depressing day of the year...well not in my household. 

I have been energised by the amount of positive people I met over the week-end - only time will tell if these initial enquiries will result in mandates and sales but I, for one, am happy and optimistic.... no matter what the papers say.


David A said...

Graham, good to say 'hello' briefly at the show, at the incredibly busy French Entree stand. There certainly was quite a buzz at the show. Hope it doesn't start driving prices too far, too soon!

graham downie said...

Hi David, yes thanks for coming to say hello....a thousand apologies for not really having much time to chat.

I'm sure it will be a while before prices see substantial rises again....slow & steady would be ideal.