Monday, November 15, 2010

"How the "super rich" go house hunting"

This was the headline in a recent copy of the good old Daily Telegraph.

Their lucky property correspondent had spent the day with a central London buying agency:

I’m the guest of a buying agent, a sleek blade who finds houses for the kind of people who love spending money. I’m feted as if I were a real-life success story, looking for a residence sufficiently grand to showcase this achievement.

It certainly makes a change not to hear: “Ah, I’m afraid you’ve come through to Rupert in the country house department. Would you mind awfully if I popped you over to Barry in our starter homes section? He looks after our valued clients in your bracket.”

You can read the rest of the article here...and jolly well written it is too.

Sadly though it gives the impression that the service we give is just for the very top end of the market.

Let me put that right straight away.  The most common price of houses that I have helped clients purchase over the last seven years has been around the €280,000 mark. 

Yes, earlier this year I was mandated by some international clients who have a budget of €20 million but I have also bought plots of land for clients with a budget of €30,000 and even helped one couple who had a budget of €100,000.

It's a service for everyone and it's growing more and more popular amongst international buyers.

We're not all called Rupert either (and coming from a journalist called Jasper I'd say he's on thin ice with that joke).

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Greenhouse Energy said...

I am always fascinated by browsing Rightmove for the most expensive houses in the UK.

All you have to do is search "Surrey" and 100 mile raduis. My jaw drops.

However, as lavish some of the properties are, I cant help but feel they are massively overpriced and over-rated.

I always wonder, when I sell for a example, a two bedroom terraced here in the North West and it gets downvalued by 10k. What heppens when the valuer goes out to these luxury properties....

Or, am I missing the boat?... do they all buy cash?!